The Culture Key Between Asia and the West

Do you want to execute your international strategy successfully, fully realize your market opportunities and lead your multinational teams effectively?

The Culture Key between Asia and the West helps you explore how to bridge the main cultural differences you cannot afford to ignore:
1. Direct and indirect communication styles;
2. The different approaches to hierarchy;
3. The role of silence in communication; and
4. Priority: task or relationship.


The Culture Key Cover


Getting your Message Across: Email Communication in Global Business

'Get your Message Across: Email Communication in Global Business' is a unique, concise guide specifically designed to help you effectively communicate via email in today's global economy.

You will find useful techniques, practical tips and easy-to-understand infographics to:
- Write effective emails, independently from the culture you are writing to.
- Use easily understandable English language in email communication.
- Avoid cross-cultural communication pitfalls.




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