Our Approach

In today’s interconnected world effective cross-cultural and virtual communication need to be basic skills for anyone working with different cultures and nationalities across borders.

We differentiate ourselves by offering a range of solutions for developing cross-cultural competence and enhancing successful virtual interactions that are customized to our clients’ specific needs. Our program designs are practical and results driven.

Our sessions are highly interactive and use a variety of methods, including brief lectures, case studies, videos, simulations, role-plays and games. The length of the program depends on the client’s needs and can range from bite size (2-3 hours on a number of different days) to several days.

Each program includes some form of follow-up, such as individual and group coaching, to make sure that learning is properly embedded and participants have support while implementing their new knowledge and skills. All our programs can be delivered face-to-face or online and can be run for individuals or groups.




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