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The Women in Leadership (WIL) programs invite participants on a journey of integrated learning, including workshops, individual coaching sessions, panel discussionsHarrison Assesment, and more. The WIL programs aim to provide added leadership skills, accelerate participants' career and boost their confidence at critical stages of their career.

In addition to the 'gender lens', we also apply a 'cultural lens' to the leadership subjects as it is critical for today's business leaders. We are fully aware that gender equality can only be achieved with the inclusion of men, therefore we support the UN HeForShe campaign, and also include men in parts of the programs.

In order to assess the effectiveness of our initiative, we measure ROI the following way: In addition to the evaluation at the end of the workshops, we also collect feedback 3 and 6 months after the end of the program, from the participants as well as their sponsors or immediate bosses. We then feed back this information to the participating organisations.

PROGRAM 1: ACCELERATE - for EMERGING LEADERS, women with more than eight years work experience. 

Next program: Nov 12th/13th 2019

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PROGRAM 2: ADVANCE AND THRIVE - for SENIOR MANAGERS, women with minimum eight years of managerial experience.  

Next program: Nov 5th/6th & 27th/28th 2019

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Gender Equality Commitment Workshops

April 17th 2018

February 22nd 2018

In cooperation with MERCER: Cultural Awareness for Business

February 7th 2018 

Women In Leadership: Advance and Thrive 

As part of our Women in Leadership series, this workshop was aimed at women with managerial experience. Designed as a four day two part workshop, this was a comprehensive program to equip the women with enhanced tools for achieving their career development goals. 


April 24th/25th & May 28th/29th 2019

May 15th/16th and May 22nd/23rd 2018

February 21st/22nd and March 22nd/23rd, 2017

Women In Leadership: Accelerate

The first program in our Women in Leadership series, this workshop was aimed at women with 5 years work experience. Designed as a two day workshop, this program aimed to equip women with added leadership skills and guidance for avoiding future gender-related challenges. 


May 8th/9th 2019

May 15th/16th 2018

November 8th/9th 2017

November 15th/16th 2016

Additional 5 programs were run in Kuala Lumpur

HR Networking Roundtable: Culture key between Asia and the West - How to leverage cultural differences?

During this roundtable we asked the following questions - Does everybody participate in meetings? Do people feel or want to be empowered? Are (some of the) expatriates perceived as overbearing? Are (some of the) locals perceived as lacking initiative?

We discussed and shared ideas around some of the fundamental differences between Western and Asian cultures and what things we need to consider to effectively work with different nationalities.

Hosted: Thursday, 29 September 2016

Gender Diversity Roundtable: Stepping up towards gender equality - what can each of us (men and women) do to accelerate the process?

In this session we focused on women's and men's role in gender equality. The discussion looked at the following main subjects:

  1. Changing subconscious biases at work and outside work 
  2. Gender-neutralising organisational practices and policies
  3. Creating equal chances for mothers at the workplace, at home and in their communities

Hosted: 19 August 2016

HR Networking Roundtable: Mobility - How to encourage and prepare employees for successful short- and long-term assignments?

In this session we discussed the benefits and challenges of short- and long-term assignments for both the employee and the organisation. Sometimes individuals, especially in Singapore may not want to move, so we also shared best practices for encouraging and preparing employees for foreign assignments.

Hosted: Tuesday 24 May 2016

Gender Diversity Roundtable: Sponsorship and mentoring - Two-way process

This Gender Diversity roundtable focused on the topics of spongsorship, mentoring and networking. We discussed how research shows that sponsorship and mentoring can have different impacts on our female leaders and their career advancement. We also shared ideas on how businesses today are supporting female leaders through these initiatives.

Hosted: Friday 6 May 2016 

HR Networking Roundtable: Cross-cultural competence as a key business skill - Is there a shortage in Asian talent?

In this session, we discussed global leadership assesment tools as well as the business need for cultural intelligence and a global mindset in our workforce. We talked about how we can support our employees /team to develop cross-cultural competence, and the issues surrounding talent development and promotions. 

Hosted: Friday 4 March 2016 

Gender Diversity Roundtable: Subconscious bias - Conscious bias - Conscious inclusion and equal treatment

We discussed subconscious and conscious biases and their impact on every-day business decisions, such as recruiting, promotion and meetings.

Hosted: Tuesday 23 February 2016 

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  • Two intakes: May 8-9 AND Nov 12-13


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