Expatriate relocation: Country-specific training for international assignees and their families

Longer-term international (expatriate) assignments are the best way to develop global talent and future leaders, but due to cost constraints, family commitments, etc. short-term assignments are also on the rise. Our ‘Expatriate relocation’ programs help international assignees and their families prepare for the cross-cultural challenges of their role in the new location as well as support them in their adjustment process.

For best preparation and support we recommend the following approach:

1) Short pre-assignment training; 2) One- or two-day post-arrival training and 3) A number of follow-up coaching sessions.

Research and experience show that the spouse’s and the family’s difficulties in adjustment are a major cause for expatriate failure. Therefore we also recommend and provide programs for spouses and partners.

Benefits include accelerated readiness for effective work performance, more realistic expectations and overall better preparation for work and life adjustments required in the new location.

Target audience: International assignees and their families.

Sample programs:

  • Working effectively in Singapore
  • Working effectively in China
  • Working effectively in APAC


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